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When he's not homeschooling and parenting, Max Blood spends his days spinning horror tales for online audiences. He specializes in the weird, the cosmic, and the monstrous. With a passion for turning cryptid stories into positively horrific monsters, he has created many tales of monster horror. He has also dabbled in ghost stories and body horror.

He currently lives in Bakersfield, California where he writes his novels and short stories, and in 2023, he launched Max Blood's Mausoleum, a magazine of original horror stories.

Issue 002
June 1, 2024

Issue 002

Welcome to Issue 002 of Max Blood's Mausoleum! Check out all the new content below. In This Issue Purchase the ...
June 1, 2024


“What do you suppose did it?” Johnny asked, passing the flashlight over to Dan. The sprinklers had browned the shingles, ...
Letter to the Mausoleum – Summer 2024
June 1, 2024

Letter to the Mausoleum – Summer 2024

Welcome to the mausoleum! It's so great to be back for this, our second issue. I'm sure you're quite busy ...
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April 10, 2024

Call for Submissions: Space Horror Novels

Max Blood Publications is looking to publish a horror novel set in the bleakness of space. We are seeking submissions ...
This is the cover of Issue 1
March 1, 2024

Issue 001 – The Inaugural Issue

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from every qualifying physical magazine purchased through our link. Please help to support us ...
An Illustration of The Mausoleum
March 1, 2024

Letter from the Mausoleum – Spring 2024

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of Max Blood’s Mausoleum! It gives me tremendous pleasure to type that. This publication has ...
This is the featured image for "The Bursting Place," by Max Blood
March 1, 2024

The Bursting Place

My wife’s church mornings went on a year without me, and for eight months, I imagine my wife was faithful ...
February 20, 2024

Call for Submissions: Issue 4

Issue 3 is full, and we have no opened submissions for Issue 4 of Max Blood's Mausoleum. Please submit your ...
Cover mockup for Songs from the Void
February 13, 2024

Call for Submissions: Songs from the Void

There's nothing out here. Out in the void. Just the infinite vacuous expanse between stars, the dead zone. We were ...
January 19, 2024

Six weeks until the Inaugural Issue

Popping in for a moment for a quick update. Things are all set for Issue 1 of the magazine, which ...